Silkscreen ART Workshop

Moully.jpgWith “Chassidic Warhol” Yitzchok Moully

Sunday November 20th 5pm


Join renowned Pop-Artist Yitzchok Moully for a Silkscreen Workshop enabling participants to create their very own piece of art, while learning about the artist, and his take on Jewish art.

Moully’s work takes recognizable Jewish objects and symbols and presents them in a contemporary style, making Judaism and Jewish art more accessible to all. This workshop gives participants the chance to make their own Jewish art masterpiece; something they will cherish for a long time to come while reminding them of their Jewish heritage.

Silkscreen gives participants the opportunity to create their own piece of art in a comfortable non pressured environment.

The process of silkscreen is a printing method done by hand with minimal equipment. The process allows each participant to print a prepared image onto a canvas, creating a recognizable yet unique piece of art.


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