At Chabad Hebrew School, we focus on imparting Jewish knowledge and unique Jewish values in addition to a wide range of skills. To make this a reality, our academic program is designed to impart these important goals.  

Hebrew: Our students learn to read and write Hebrew. By the time our students graduate they should be able to read Hebrew and feel comfortable in a synagogue setting. We use the acclaimed Aleph Champ system, which is modeled after the Karate/ Martial Arts motivational system. It works by dividing reading skills into levels defined by color with the goal to become a black level champion.

Jewish History: An intrinsic part of our Jewish heritage is knowing the stories of our ancestor’s. However, these stories are more than just a history lesson. Their lessons allow us to gain an appreciation of our heritage while inspiring us to make changes in our life today.

Holidays: A holiday is a time for tradition and celebration as we commemorate important events in our Jewish history. At Chabad Hebrew school we learn not only the story of each holiday but the spiritual significance of the holiday as well as the lessons it teaches us.

Jewish Values & Mitzvot: Mitzvot give us the opportunity to implement lofty concepts in real meaningful ways. At Chabad Hebrew School the meaning and importance of doing good deeds are taught. Embedded in every class, are the timeless Jewish values that have enriched the world and have made our people unique.

Israel: Our students will attain an appreciation and affection for our homeland Israel, and its central place in Jewish history, life, observance and destiny. 

Experiential Judaism:

At CHS we don't just learn about Judaism, we live it!

Some of the special activities our students enjoy at Hebrew School:

  • Holiday Arts and Crafts

  • Challah Baking

  • Shofar Factory

  • Sukkah Building

  • Sukkot Party

  • Chanukah Extravaganza

  • Hebrew School Friday Night Dinner

  • Passover matzah bakery

  • Israel Day 

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