Covid re-Opening Guidelines

These are incredibly challenging times on both a personal and communal level. We acknowledge and thank our dedicated medical professionals, front line workers and government officials who have worked so hard in the face of this pandemic. 


In consultation with Halachic experts and a number of medical professionals, we are preparing to gradually and carefully open our Chabad centers. This letter serves to issue uniform guidelines for everybody attending Chabad so that we are all aware of what to expect.


We understand that this is strange and different. And we recognize the difficulty in adapting to change. We hope and pray that this is all very temporary and with Hashem’s help, we see an end to this pandemic and indeed that all disease be eradicated with the coming of Moshiach.


We want to ensure our collective safety, not just strictly follow the law. Governmental regulations were not designed to address the realities of a close knit  Jewish community. An abrupt return, while tempting, may risks reversing any gains achieved during the months of quarantine.


Practices until further notice:


- We must avoid handshakes and any physical contact

- Engage in frequent hand washing and avoid touching your face

- Anyone with a cough, shortness of breath, 99.6 fever or higher, chills, muscle pain, sore throat or new loss of taste or smell must stay home and not endanger fellow congregants.

- Masks are requested to be worn at Chabad.

- Anyone over age 65, who are in a nursing home, living with an elderly person, have a lung disease, are immunocompromised, obese, have diabetes, or kidney or liver disease should maintain enhanced vigilance. These individuals should seek the counsel of their Rabbi and Doctors about if they are permitted to attend.  

- Prayerbooks, Kippas and Talis' should not be shared, the selected books should remain with you throughout services.

- People will be seated 6 feet apart at minimum.

- We must take our temperature regularly. Anyone who has high fever should not attend for at least 48 hours. 

Chabad Centers can only remain open if the shul can abide by these guidelines. If the guidelines can’t be followed the synagogue must immediately close without warning. Kindly remain mindful of this regardless of your opinion on the matter out of an abundance of love and respect for each other.


Even as parts of society begin to reopen we urge you to continue to remain vigilant, including: hand hygiene, social distancing, staying home whenever possible and wearing a mask when warranted. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding in these unique times. Remember, that even while our Shuls are closed and we are praying alone, G‑d is still very present in our homes. We are confident that He hears our prayers, and will grant complete healing to all who need.